Why order stock lengths of decking only to cut them in the field to fit your job specs. You can save thousands in labor by ordering custom length roof or floor deck.

Your deck order can be ready for shipping or picked up
within 48 hours or less.

Whether you are ordering 1000 or 100,000 Square feet, your order will receive the same quality service.

Tri-State Shearing and Bending, Inc (TSB) is proud to announce the opening of its new roll forming division, Tri-State Decking, Inc. (TSD) will provide Metal Deck, Galvanized Roof and Composite Floor Deck and Deck Accessories.

Our facility produces metal deck in accordance with the specifications of the Steel Deck Institute from 16 Gauge – 22 Gauge and in lengths up to 50 feet. TSD’s manufacturing process utilized the latest automated equipment and technologies for roll-forming steel deck.

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